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Everything You Need to Know About Swarovski Crystal Worlds, An Immersive Glass Wonderland

Swarovski Crystal Worlds is a museum in Innsbruck devoted to the art and science of crystals. Launched in 1995 to mark Swarovski's 100th anniversary, this spellbinding venue showcases sparkling sculptures and artistry. Book your Swarovski Crystal...

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Swarovski Crystal Worlds

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Helmut Swarovski, André Heller

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0-30 mins (Peak), 0-30 mins (Off Peak)

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Did you know?

The birthplace of Swarovski crystals is in the quaint village of Wattens, Tyrol, not Eastern Europe, as many people would assume.

Artists, designers, and architects showcase the brilliance of Swarovski crystals in captivating exhibits at the Chambers of Wonder within the Giant.

Check out iconic outfits worn by renowned actors and musicians like Elton John, Cher, Marlene Dietrich, and others.

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The Swarovski Crystal Worlds, also known as the Swarovski Kristallwelten, is an immersive museum designed by the crystal manufacturer Swarovski. It was inaugurated in 1995 to celebrate the company's 100th anniversary. The museum is situated inside a hill in Wattens, close to Innsbruck, and is abundant in stunning crystal displays and artistic interpretations of crystal.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds in a Nutshell

Swarovski Crystal Worlds
  • Official name: Swarovski Kristallwelten
  • Location: Kristallweltenstraße 1, 6112 Wattens, Austria.
  • Date of opening: October 30, 1995
  • Timings: Daily from 9 AM to 7 PM. Last entry is at 6 PM. 
  • Architect: André Heller 
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site: No
  • Number of visitors till date: 16 million

What is Swarovski Crystal Worlds?

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Crystal Worlds is a unique and immersive museum designed by the crystal manufacturer Swarovski. Renowned artists, designers, and architects have collaborated on different exhibitions, where they have interpreted crystals uniquely. Here, you can enjoy a culmination of art, nature, history and modern aspects, all moulded into one. It features a colossal head-shaped building with numerous chambers, each showcasing stunning crystal artworks and innovative exhibits. Visitors can explore a magical wonderland, filled with sparkling crystals, unique sculptures, and interactive displays that blend art, science, and fantasy.

Why Visit Swarovski Crystal Worlds?

  • Eclectic Art: The art exhibits are like nothing you’ve ever seen before, with each artist displaying their interpretation of crystals using steel, glass, stones, and light,  making for an interesting immersive experience.
  • Kid-zone: The Museum is a kid-friendly zone, with an outdoor playground including a 25-meter-long climbing route, a hand-shaped maze, a carousel, and a water play area. 
  • Crystal Shopping: Visit the on-site Swarovski store and purchase items from their renowned product line. The OPTIK store is a huge favourite and is known for its binoculars, spotting scopes, and other accessories. 
  • Refreshments: The venue has a famous Daniels Kristallwelten located on-site, which serves as a restaurant and patisserie, where you can grab a meal, or try out their delectable baked goods. 
  • Numerous Events: Swarovski sometimes collaborates with artists to host public events in the garden, such as the Circus Festival with Circus Theater Roncalli. Enjoy circus performances, aerial acrobatics, clown shows and more. 
  • Bustling Environment: During Christmas and other festive seasons, the garden also has numerous food trucks located throughout, adding to the experience. 

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Opening Hours

Address: Swarovski Kristallwelten, Kristallweltenstraße 1, Wattens, Österreich

Find on Maps 

The museum is situated on a hill in Wattens, close to Innsbruck, Austria. The region is well connected via public transport, making it easily accessible.  

Closest landmark: Labyrinth

Swarovski Crystal Worlds
  • Crystal World is open daily from 9 AM to 7 PM. Last entry is at 6 PM. 
  • The Playtower and OPTIK Store are open from 10 AM to 7 PM.
  • Crystal World is open to the public daily, including public and bank holidays. 

History of Swarovski Crystal Worlds 

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Crystal Worlds came to life because the company's CEO, Helmut Swarovski, wanted to mark the centenary of the Swarovski brand in an innovative way. He envisioned a place where art, culture, and crystal would come together to captivate visitors. The museum's location was chosen to be close to the company's headquarters and production facilities in Wattens, Tyrol, Austria. In 2020, Swarovski celebrated its 125th anniversary, and as part of the celebration, the Crystal Worlds underwent a significant renovation and expansion, adding new exhibits. The museum is a testament to the innovation of the Swarovski brand, and is one of the most visited locations in Austria today. 

Who Built Swarovski Crystal Worlds? 

The museum was designed by multimedia artist André Heller, on request of the company Swarovski for their anniversary celebrations.  The Playtower was designed by artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Numerous artists collaborated to put up their work in the exhibits you see in the museum today. 

Swarovski Crystal Worlds Architecture 

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

The architecture of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds is a unique and captivating blend of art, creativity, and modern design, by multimedia artist André Heller. The museum's interior consists of several themed chambers, each designed by different artists, designers, and architects. A combination of materials have been used, including glass, steel, concrete, and natural stones. The Crystal Worlds' main building is partially buried into the hillside, blending harmoniously with its surroundings for an eco-friendly design. The entrance to the museum is marked by a giant head, made of over 0.8M hand-mounted crystals, becoming an iconic symbol of the Crystal Worlds internationally. The kid-friendly playtower was designed by artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, which stands as a colourful play area, in contrast to the elegant crystal exhibits of the museum.

What’s Inside Swarovski Crystal Worlds?

  • Chamber of Wonders: Based on the historical chamber of wonders in the castle of Ambras, which was a 16th-century attempt to assemble a universal collection of all knowledge, there are 18 Chambers of Wonder including Silent Light, Blue Hall, and Timeless to name a few.
  • Crystal Cloud: At the entrance to the museum lies the Crystal Cloud, a giant head covered in over 800,000 hand-mounted crystals. The head has become synonymous with the innovation of Crystal World. 
  • The Garden: The Museum also consists of a 7.5-hectare garden, where contemporary art meets ancient history. In the garden is a hand-shaped maze that you can enter and try to find your way out of. 
  • Mirror Pool: The Mirror Pool is a large, shallow pool of water, perfectly reflecting its surroundings of landscaped gardens and art installations, creating a stunning mirror effect.
  • Roman Excavations: During the intensive 2014 renovation of Crystal Worlds, 702 Roman coins and wall remains dating back to Roman times were excavated, which are now available for public viewing.
  • Hexalite: Experience a unique outdoor installation by Emirati artist Zeinab Al Hashemi which is a combination of 33 hexagonal structures of mirrored steel, adorned with 1,145 Swarovski crystals and mirrored prisms. 
  • Observation Deck: Walk through an alpine garden to an elevated observation deck, where you can look through Swarovski’s OPTIK telescope and study and enjoy the surrounding landscapes. 
  • Yes to All: This famous sign made entirely of crystals is visible from almost everywhere on the premises. The sign reflects the behaviour of easy consumerism in today’s society,

All Your Questions About Swarovski Crystal Worlds Answered

What is Swarovski Crystal Worlds?

Swarovski Crystal Worlds is an immersive museum consisting of various artists’ interpretations of crystals, making for beautiful exhibits.

Where is Swarovski Crystal Worlds?

Swarovski Crystal Worlds is located in Wattens, Austria, near the city of Innsbruck.

What is Swarovski Crystal Worlds famous for?

Swarovski Crystal Worlds has become an extremely popular spot in Austria for its crystal exhibits, and for the Swarovski store.

Why should I visit Swarovski Crystal Worlds?

The immersive Swarovski Crystal Worlds is a great place to view the amalgamation of modern and classical artwork, with numerous exhibits to enjoy.

How do I book tickets to visit Swarovski Crystal Worlds?

Book Swarovski Crystal Worlds tickets online to benefit from the online rates and avail of great discounts.

How much does it cost to visit Swarovski Crystal Worlds?

A ticket to Swarovski Crystal Worlds can range from EUR 19 to EUR 40, in case of a workshop.

Who built Swarovski Crystal Worlds?

Swarovski Crystal Worlds was built by the Swarovski organization on account of their 100th anniversary.

Who designed Swarovski Crystal Worlds?

Swarovski Crystal Worlds was designed by multimedia artist André Heller.

When did Swarovski Crystal Worlds open?

Swarovski Crystal Worlds opened to the public on 30th October 1995.

What’s inside Swarovski Crystal Worlds?

Swarovski Crystal Worlds has on display numerous art exhibits displaying various artists’ interpretations of crystal.

What are the Swarovski Crystal Worlds opening hours?

Swarovski Crystal Worlds is open daily from 9 AM to 7 PM, with last entries an hour before closing.

What famous attractions are inside Swarovski Crystal Worlds?

The Crystal Cloud, Mirror Pool, Yes to All sign, and Observation Deck are a few must-visits at Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

Why is Swarovski Crystal Worlds important?

Swarovski Crystal Worlds has become an important destination for visitors in Austria due to its interesting amalgamation of modern and classic art, blended into a sustainable environment.

Is it worth visiting Swarovski Crystal Worlds?

Absolutely! Enjoy the scenic drive to Swarovski Crystal Worlds, as well as the art exhibits and kid’s play area once you reach the museum.